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Close To You

01.06.2012 | Добавил (а): Text | Рубрика: Maxi Priest|

  • She was a Jezebel,
    This burstin’ queen Livin’ her life,
    Like a bad sweet dream,
    Tellin’ me lies,
    When the truth was clearI think she knew,
    What I wanted to hear,
    Spinnin’ around Like a wheel on fire,
    Walkin’ the tightrope,
    On love’s highwire,
    A fatal attractionIs where I’m at,
    There’s no escapin’ me.

    I just wanna be close to you,
    And do all the things you want me to,
    I just wanna be close to you,
    And show you the way I feel.

    I feel love,
    When I’m lyin’ in the midnight hour,
    Lovin’ you just like a dream,
    Love is never what it seems,
    When we touch and you’ re holding me the way you do,
    Girl, you make my dreams come true, you make my dreams come true.

    I just wanna be close to you…

    She was a Gemini on the cost of Mars,
    She hold me back while she goes too far,
    Winding me up just to let me down so emotion,
    There’s more to this than meets the eyes,
    A devil woman locked inside,
    With fullmoon risin’I was scared I think I was possesed.

    I just wanna be close to you…

    I feel love Everytime your body’s close to mine,
    Somethin’ deep inside of me,
    Wants to love you endlessly,
    When we touch Girl, you don’t know,
    How it makes me feel,
    I just can’t believe it’s realI can’t believe it’s real!

    I just wanna be close to you…

    She has an attitude I can’ explane,
    You never know if you in frame,
    Trying me up with elastic words,
    I’m on countdown ‘til I get her.
    Her blood was hot, she burned so bright,
    A neon sign there in the night,
    It’s hard to say if I went too far, my heart still beats the scar.

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