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Jesus to a child

08.05.2012 | Добавил (а): Text | Рубрика: George Michael|

  • Kindness in your eyes,
    I guess you heard me cry,
    You smiled at me,
    Like Jesus to a child,
    I’m blessed i know,
    Heaven sent and heaven stole,
    You smiled at me like Jesus to a child,
    And what have i learned,
    From all this pain,
    I thought I’d never feel the same,
    About anyone or anything again,
    But now i know.

    When you find a love,
    When you know that it exits,
    Then the lover that you miss,
    Will come to you on those cold, cold nights,
    When you know it holds such bliss,
    Then the lover that you kissed,
    Will comfort you when there’s now hope in sight.

    Sadness in my eyes,
    No one guessed, well no one tried,
    You smiled at me,
    Like Jesus to a child,
    Loveless and cold,
    With you last breath you saved my soul,
    You smiled at me,
    Like Jesus to a child,
    And what have i learned,
    From all these tears,
    I’ve waited for you all those years,
    Then just when it began,
    He took your love away,
    But i still say.

    So the words you could not say,
    I’ll sing them for you,
    And the love we would have made,
    I’ll make it for two,
    For every single memory,
    Has become a part of me,
    You will always be… My love,
    Well I’ve been loved,
    So i know just what love is,
    And the lover that i kissed is always by my side,
    Oh the love i still miss… Was Jesus to a child.

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