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Living Next Door to Alice
  • Living Next Door to Alice

26.06.2012 | Добавил (а): Text | Рубрика: Smokie|

  • Sally called when she got the word,
    She sad “I suppose you’ve heard about Alice,
    Well I rushed to the window and I looked,
    outside But I could hardly believe my eyes,
    As a big limousine pulled up into Alice’s drive.

    I don’t know why she’s leaving or where she’s gonna go,
    I guess she’s got her reasons that I just don’t wanna know,
    ‘Cause for twenty four years I’ve living next door to Alice,
    Twenty four years just waiting for a chance,
    To tell her how I feel and may be get a second glance,
    How I gotta get used to not living next door to Alice.

    Grew up together, two kids in the park,
    Carved our initials deep in the bark, me and Alice,
    Now she walks through the door with her head held high,
    Just for a moment I caught her eyes,
    As a big limousine pulled slowly out of Alice’s drive.

    Then Sally called back and asked how I feel,
    And she sad “I know how to help get over Alice”,
    She sad “Now Alice gone, but I’m still here,
    I’ve been waiting for twenty four years”,
    And a big limousine disappeared.

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