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Mad About You

30.06.2012 | Добавил (а): Text | Рубрика: Sting|

  • A stone’s throw from Jerusalem,
    I walked a lonely mile in the moonlight,
    And through a million stars were shining,
    My heart was lost on a distant planet,
    That whirls around the April moon,
    Whirling in an arc of sadness,
    I’m lost without you I’m lost without you,
    Though all my kingdoms turn to sand,
    And fall into the sea,
    I’m mad about you I’m mad about you.

    And from the dark secluded valleys,
    I heard the ancient songs of sadness,
    But every step I thought of you,
    Every footstep only you,
    And every star a grain of sand,
    The leavings of a dried up ocean,
    Tell me, how much longer?
    How much longer?

    They say a city in the desert lies,
    The vanity of an ancient king,
    But the city lies in broken pieces,
    Where the wind howls and the vultures sing,
    These are the works of man,
    This is the sum of our ambition,
    It would make a prison of my life,
    If you became another’s wife,
    With every prison blown to dust,
    My enemies walk free,
    I’m mad about you I’m mad about you.

    And I have never in my life,
    Felt more alone than I do now,
    Although I claim dominions over all I see,
    It means nothing to me,
    There are no vitories In all our histories, without love.

    A stone’s throw from Jerusalem…

    And though you hold the keys to ruin Of everything I see with every prison blown to dust, my enemies walk free
    though all my kingdoms turn to sand And fall into the sea I’m mad about you I’m mad about you.


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