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Spinning the wheel
  • Spinning the wheel

26.12.2016 | Добавил (а): Text | Рубрика: George Michael|

  • Five o’clock in the morning you ain’t home
    I can’t help thinking that’s strange
    Baby I just want you to know I won’t go through this again
    Yes, those clouds are closing in

    And I will not accept this as a part of my life
    I will not live in fear of what may be
    And the lessons that I learned …
    I would rather be alone than watch you spinning that wheel for me
    You’ve got a thing about danger
    Ain’t you getting what you want from me
    You’ve got a thing about strangers
    Baby that’s what we used to be
    You’ve got a thing about danger baby
    I guess that hungry just can’t see
    One of this days you gonna bring some home to me

    Six o’clock in the morning you ain’t home
    I can’t help thinking it’s strange
    It seems that everybody takes their chances these days
    Oh yeah, we’re standing in the rain


    How can you love me when you’re playing with my life
    You say give me time and I’ll do better I swear
    Give me time and I’ll lead you back to despair
    And I don’t want to go back there

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