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The one

30.07.2012 | Добавил (а): | Рубрика: Copyright song, Stiv|

  • But don’t you know that, don’t you see,
    You are the one for me,
    This night goes on,
    And I’m looking at you,
    I wanna make you feel better,
    I want you,
    Don’t understand it, just come at my way,
    I’ll be your loving care,
    Just look at me,
    Watch that fire in my heart,
    For you I’d be waiting till you make it right,
    You’re coming closer, I see in your eyes,
    The wish to be,
    The only one girl for me.

    Chorus: Millions of pretty young things,
    Millions of chances to win.
    (But I have chosen my way)

    But don’t you know that, don’t you see,
    You are the one for me,
    Don’t you see,
    Don’t you know that,
    You are the one for me,
    We spent our time In the mountains so high,
    We walked alone In the beach and countryside,
    How does it feel I know you You know me,
    Let’s fly to our dream,
    And now we’re here in the club night and day,
    I see you moving so sexy — You make it okey,
    You have my life in your hands you know it,
    C’mon girl, a little closer to me —
    Just dance with me, baby.

    (Because there’s)

    Million of pretty young things,
    Million of chances to win,
    But i have chosen my way,
    Don’t you know that, don’t you see,
    You are the one for me.

    Bridge: You won’t understand it (hey),
    If it’s just a dream (It’s maybe just a dream),
    But you’re still in love with me,
    You are the one for me.


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