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Anyone for tennis?

17.01.2019 | Добавил (а): Text | Автор-исполнитель: Cream|

  • Eric Patrick Clapton / Martin Sharpe

    Twice upon a time
    In the valley of the tears
    The auctioneer is bidding
    For a box of fading years
    And the elephants are dancing
    On the graves of squealing mice
    Anyone for tennis?
    Wouldn’t that be nice?

    And the ice creams are all melting
    On the streets of bloody beer
    While the beggars stain the pavements
    With fluorescent Christmas cheer
    And the Bentley-driving guru
    Is putting up his price
    Anyone for tennis?
    Wouldn’t that be nice?

    And the prophets in the boutiques
    Give out messages of hope
    With jingle bells and fairy tales
    And blind providing scopes
    And you can tell that all they’re saying
    Underneath the pretty lights
    Anyone for tennis?
    Wouldn’t that be nice?

    Yellow Buddhist monkeys
    Burning brightly at the zoo
    You can bring a bowl of rice
    And then a glass of water, too
    And Fate is setting up the chessboard
    While Death rolls out the dice
    Anyone for tennis?
    Wouldn’t that be nice?

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