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April rain

22.02.2019 | Добавил (а): | Автор-исполнитель: Amurekimuri|

The rain is falling down
From violet misty sky…
It will not lasts forever
It’s only for a time…
Looser touch we sought
And endless world we found
Let’s fly over the rain
Let’s get up off the ground.

Blue twilight, humid earth
White flowers on the trees
The whole Universe –
Is what you mean to me
And maybe I’ve no words
And maybe I’ve no right
To say you something more
Because you are so beautiful.

That’s why I’ll die anew
That’s why I feel the chill
It’s too good to be true
Too perfect to be real
Too touching things, too shaking
Too sweet – I can’t deny
Too close to be taken
Too distant to be mine.

I can’t believe it’s true –
We really have been there
Just sitting side by side
Just drinking magic air…
I’ll keep it in my mind
Like cure for darkest days –
The violet misty skies
The raindrops on your face…

And maybe from this day
I’ll get much more to loose
I am afraid I can’t
Be good enough for you
And I don’t even dare
To hope we’ll meet again
Because you are so beautiful
Like gentle april rain…

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