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27.04.2012 | Добавил (а): | Автор-исполнитель: Cher|

  • No matter how I hold I try you keep pushing me aside,
    And I can’t break true has no talking to you,
    So sad to leave it takes time to believe it,
    What after all sad and cold you goanna be the long and want .

    Refr: Do you believe in love after love,
    I can feel some feeling sight success,
    I really don’t think you strong enough now.

    What am I suppose to do see you’re in a way for you,
    And I can’t do that and this no turning back,
    I need save to move on I mean love to feel strong,
    Cause after time you back in thought,
    And maybe I’m too good for you,
    Will I know that I give prove it’s,
    Because I know that I am strong,
    I don’t need you anymore,
    I don’t need you anymore,
    I don’t need you anymore,
    I don’t need you anymore.

    Refr: And you thinks’ you’ll be O.K. tried it on, feel afraid,
    Never know in here so strange it’s a knowing anyway.

    Refr: Seems to me now have the dreams we had be for,
    I don’t then anymore met confine on the floor,
    Breaks me in other day came in another ninety nine,
    Who can say what will find what last waiting down a line,
    In the end of ninety nine!


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