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First Lullaby

02.01.2019 | Добавил (а): Text | Рубрика: Sandra|

  • Evening sun is going down
    Out on the ocean
    Wind is blowing round an round
    And this is your home
    It’s your home now

    Here’s the place we go to sleep
    And here is your garden
    I’ve got one arm for each of you
    One lullaby for two

    Now it’s time to close your eyes
    Dream and have no fear
    The monster’s gone he’s on the run
    And your mom is here
    It’s your lullaby

    There will be joy and there’ll be pain
    You will find out it’s just the same
    This is your life that now begins
    Here you belong my pair of twins

    Will you be patient with your mom
    Some day you’ll follow up the sun
    I’ll be forever by your side
    And you will hear from time to time
    Your first lullaby

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    Есть масса интересного - тексты, минусовки, ноты! Может кому пригодятся..

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