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In only seven days

03.12.2018 | Добавил (а): | Автор-исполнитель: Queen|

  • Monday the start of my holiday
    Freedom for just one week
    Feels good to get away ooh

    Tuesday I saw here down on the beach
    I stood and watched a while
    And she looked and smiled at me

    Wednesday I didn’t see her
    I hoped that she’d be back tomorrow
    And then on Thursday my luck had changed
    She stood there all alone
    I went and asked her name
    I never thought that this could happen to me
    In only seven days
    It would take a hundred or more
    For memories to fade

    I wish Friday could last forever
    I held her close to me
    I couldn’t bear to leave her there

    Saturday just twenty four hours
    Oh no I’m going back home on Sunday
    Ooh so sad alone

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