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Let Me Entertain You

03.12.2018 | Добавил (а): | Автор-исполнитель: Queen|

  • Let me welcome you ladies and gentlemen
    I would like to say hello
    Are you ready for some entertainment?
    Are you ready for a show?
    Gonna rock gonna roll you
    Get you dancing in the aisles
    Jazz and a razzmatazz you
    With a little bit of style
    C’mon let me entertain you
    Let me entertain you let me entertain you

    I’ve come here to sell you my body
    I can show you some good merchandise
    I’ll pull you and pill you
    I’ll crueladeville you
    And to thrill you I’ll use any device

    We’ll give you crazy performance
    We’ll give you grounds for divorce
    We’ll give you piece de resistance
    And a tour de force of course

    We found the right location
    Got a lot of pretty lights
    The sound and amplification listen
    Hey if you need a fix if you want a high
    Stickells see to that
    With Elektra and EMI
    We’ll show you where it’s at
    So c’mon
    Let me entertain you let me entertain you
    Let me entertain you

    Just take a look at the menu
    We give you rock a la carte
    We’ll breakfast at Tiffany’s
    We’ll sing to you in Japanese
    We’re only here to entertain you

    If you wanna see some action
    You get nothing but the best
    The S and M attraction
    We’ve got the pleasure chest
    Chicago and New Orleans
    We get you on the line
    If you dig the New York scene
    We’ll have a son of a bitch of a time
    Let me entertain you let me entertain you
    Let me entertain you tonight

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    Есть масса интересного - тексты, минусовки, ноты! Может кому пригодятся..

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