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Love Don’t Cost A Thing

25.07.2013 | Добавил (а): | Автор-исполнитель: Lopez Jennifer|

  • You think you gotta keep me iced,
    You don’t
    You think I’m gonna spend your cash,
    I won’t
    Even if you were broke,
    My love don’t cost a thing
    Think I wanna drive your Benz,
    I don’t
    If I wanna floss I got my own,
    Even if you were broke
    My love don’t cost a thing.

    When you rolled up in the Escalade,
    Saw that truck you gave to the valet
    Knew that it was game when you looked at me,
    Pulling up your sleeve so I could see the Rolley bling,
    Saw you later in the corner booth
    Raising up a toast so I would notice you,
    But your heart’s a mess
    Think you outta know,
    Doesn’t matter if you’re balling out of control.

    All that matter’s is
    That you treat me right,
    Give me all the things I need
    That money can’t buy yeah.

    When I took a chance
    Thought you’d understand,
    Baby credit cards aren’t romance
    So you’re tryna buy what’s already yours,
    What I need from is not available in stores
    Seen a side of you that I really feel,
    Doing way too much, never keep it real,
    If it doesn’t change, gotta hit the road,
    Now I’m leaving, where’s my keys?
    I’ve got to go.

    A thing, a thing, a thing
    Yeah, yeah, yeah,
    You think the money that you make,
    Can substitute the time you take,
    Take the keys here to my heart
    Then you can win my heart, and get what’s in my heart,
    I think you need to take some time,
    To show me that your love is true
    There’s more than dollar signs in you,
    Then you can win my heart, and get what’s in my heart.

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