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26.03.2019 | Добавил (а): Text | Автор-исполнитель: Mariah Carey|

  • Lyrics: Mariah Carey
    Music: Mariah Carey, Ben Margulies

    You were so blind to let me go
    You had it all but didn’t know
    No one you’ll ever find will be
    Closer to all your dreams than me
    Believing the grass would be greener
    You told yourself ‘I just don’t need her now’
    But I know you’ll soon discover
    You’re never satisfied with any other

    Someday Oo Someday
    One you gave away will be the only one you’re wishing for
    Someday hey hey
    Boy you’re gonna pay ’cause baby I’m the one who’s keeping score

    You’ll change your mind and call my name
    Soon as you find they’re all the same
    And when you find yourself alone
    Don’t come back crying
    You should have known
    Believe me I’m not pretending
    It’s not hard to predict
    This ending now
    ‘Cause I know you’ll soon discover
    You’re needing me in spite of all the others


    Maybe now you just can’t conceive
    That there’ll ever come a time when you’re cold and lonely
    Baby, how could you ever believe
    That another could replace me
    The one and only
    But when your down
    In your time of need
    And you’re thinking that you
    Might be coming back to own me
    Just think again ’cause
    I won’t need your love anymore!


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