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The Real Thing

09.06.2014 | Добавил (а): Text | Рубрика: Smash!!|

  • Текст песниНотыМинуса

    Chorus: Love and tenderness,
    The touch of your caress,
    Don’t want no second best,
    Gotta be the real thing
    Need a little more,
    Gotta know for sure
    You’re the one that I adore,
    Gotta be the real thing
    It’s got to be the real thing.

    There’s a thousand ways,
    To say I love you girl
    And it’s crystal clear,
    That I do
    Get a thousand days
    Of my love to you,
    I wanna know for sure,
    That you love me too
    Let’s go back to
    The time when love was new,
    Won’t ask for much,
    Sometimes the love you give is not.

    I need your…


    I don’t mean to sound
    Like I’m pushing you around,
    But I’m trying to explain,
    What I feel inside
    I don’t wanna waste,
    All the love I feel for you.

    I would be lost if I lost you,
    Baby let’s try
    To make it work this time that hard,
    Just take a look inside your heart,
    I need your…


    I wanna wake up with you,
    Next to me each day
    Don’t wanna lose the love we have,
    Baby no way
    ‘Cause I think I found,
    What I’ve been searching for,
    But you gotta show me more
    Oh you know I need it baby,
    It’s got to be the real thing.


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