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Velvet Goldmine

You got crazy legs, you got amazin’ head
You got rings on your fingers and your hair’s hot red
You got wit from my tongue, name on the sun
I gotcha going to my breast
Cause you’re the only one, who uses school to pleasure.

You make me act real gone, you make me trawl along
I had to ravish your capsule, suck you dry
Feel the teeth in your bones, heal ya head with my own
Why if I don’t have you home, we’ll have to fight alone
Hang all together.

Velvet goldmine, you stroke me like the rain
Snake it, take it, panther princess you must stay
Velvet goldmine, naked on your chain
I’ll be your king volcano right for you again and again
My velvet goldmine.

You’re my taste, my trip, I’ll be your master zip
I’ll suck your hair for kicks, you’ll make me jump to my feet
So you’ll give me your hand, give me your sound
Let my sea wash your face, I’m falling, I can’t stand
Oooh! Put your mink on.

Shoot you down, bang bang.



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