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Waiting For Magic

03.05.2018 | Добавил (а): Text | Автор-исполнитель: Ace of Base|

Kiss me baby i’m snow white
Sleeping in a coffin
Waiting for you/waiting for magic
Baby i’m snowwhite
Sleeping in a coffin
Waiting for you/waiting for magic

A man of the world but lost in a dream
You look at something from a different angle
But i exist i’m waiting for you
In a coffin made of glass

Kiss me baby i’m attractive
Baby get to know me
Show who you are
Give me that music
Baby i’m eternal
Lying in a coffin
Waiting for you
In your dream a girl is dancing
Close to you that girl is me
Once a witch made her sleep
But a prince will wake her up it’s you

Kiss me baby…

In the tale is the place to find her
Reach out to get to know her
It means so much to me
The meaning of the book

O kiss me baby wake me up
O kiss me baby wake me up
Join in the story of the fairytail
Belive the dream you will not fail
O kiss me baby wake me up

Kiss me baby…

Waiting for magic is what i do
Waiting for magic for me and you o kiss me
Baby wake me up

Caught in a dream how lucky you are
You can see me i’m the girl behind you
So open your eyes and turn around
And watch me dancing join the fairytales

Kiss me baby…

You can not reach her on the planet
That the scientists want to call the earth
But if you use your imagination
You will see her
You will find her in your dreams

I see no shadows in my dreams
It is something so romantic
I can tell it’s for real you’ll see

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